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Sane Ukraine: UK psychologist/ husband, on personal mission to support Ukraine

Mark Walsh, CEO of Embodiment Unlimited, lives in Brighton and is organising a project to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The trauma education and resilience project Sane Ukraine aims to train 20 Ukrainian psychological resilience and trauma educators in Lviv, as well as bring urgent medical supplies to the country.

Mark has close ties with Ukraine as his wife Daria, and her family are from the country. Thankfully, Daria’s family are now safely in Poland where Mark is heading first to gather supplies and arrange logistics for the trip.

So far, Mark has raised £30,000 but he has his sights on a lot more. With £40,000 they will get humanitarian medical supplies to the right places, and with £200,000 they will be able to pay the twenty trainers for a year to continue the good work.

Mark is highly experienced in resilience and trauma training with 15 years’ work in many areas of conflict such as Afghanistan, Israel and Sierra Leone. He has worked in Ukraine and Russia (where he worked with the LGBTQ+ community around trauma) on many occasions, and understand Slavic psychology as well as any outsider.

Along with a Polish friend, Mark will deliver urgently needed medical supplies and provide training in trauma and resilience to people on the ground in Lviv.

Mark Walsh said: “Like many of us I was feeling powerless watching the invasion of Ukraine, so I decided to do what I could. My mother and father-in-law and several psychologist colleagues have become refugees, and many friends in Ukraine have experienced shelling near their homes. I message them daily to check they’re still alive. Rather than despair however, I have chosen action.

We need help to enable us to complete our mission. You can help by sharing the link to my fundraiser with your friends – thank you so much. We also have an Amazon wish list for anyone who wants to donate this way.”

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