About me 

I am a mother of two children (Jessica 11 and Edward 67) married and live in Peterborough. I am a full time communications officer and a part time Usborne organiser. I love books, nature, being by the sea and cuddling my cat.

I started this blog when I suffered with post natal depression with my second child. It helped me though the pain to the other side.

I now use this blog to talk about my experiences with my daughter who has ADHD, anxiety and other associated issues. I worry a lot about her and this blog helps me share my concerns in the hope that one day it may help others.

I have named this page Hummingbirds in memory of the support and love of the mummies I met after the birth of my son over our love of Hummingbird cake! If you’ve never tried it, head to Calm a Baby in Peterborough and try a slice.  

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An insight into my world as a working mother of SEN children

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