We had a holiday!

A holiday with a adhd child is not really a holiday. It’s more like parenting in a different place. With lots of new challenges thrown in. Sometimes – often when we’re in the middle of it -we wonder why on earth we still do it. Why we keep trying even it’s exhausting and relentless. But we do.

For there are some wonderful times. Some magical moments. Like when Jess is in her element decorating cupcakes, painting pottery or flying around skating! But there’s some tough moments too like when her high expectations aren’t met, or something isn’t perfect, or just too loud. She gets overstimulated very easily, and her mood switches very quickly often without warning.

We find it hard to relax as we have to be on guard! She has a lot of anxiety, fear and anger inside of her. And it can explode at any time.

So yes we’ve had a fabulous time here but it’s exhausting too. This photo taken earlier is proof of that!

It’s all too much for daddy!

This year we went to centre parcs so we booked the same lodge as last time so everything was familiar to Jess. We booked the itinerary with her. We put lots of breaks and down time in. We were flexible on EVERYTHING. She has some 1:1 time with me when things were getting too much. Every day she had creative followed by an activity. We had lots of snacks on hand.

We’re learning!!